Relationship Fail: Our Facebook Status Proves We're In Love, OK?

Relationship Fail: Our Facebook Status Proves We're In Love, OK?
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A reader-submitted social media don't that makes her "want to vomit."

This week, our Relationship Fail comes from an anonymous reader who can't help but be bombarded with annoying status updates from a particular couple whenever she logs on to Facebook. Relationship Fail: Mushy, Gushy Couple Nausea On Facebook

"Not only do they keep telling each other how much they care about each other, but they still have their wedding picture up four years after the wedding," our reader explains. "One particularly nauseating segment mentions how they like to profess their love online just like how they met. Of course, he was married at the time. Funny how that doesn't come up."

"Sorry if you have to keep telling everyone," our reader moans. "Who are you trying to convince?"

Ah, if that isn't the truth. At least we know they're certainly not trying to convince the spelling or grammar police. They know that's a battle they can't win. As for the guy's ex-wife? Let's hope she just sticks to Twitter.

If you find an example of a particularly annoying, funny or weird thing that couples or singles post online—whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Craigslist or another site—we'd love to see it! Send your submissions to You won't regret it, but the offending person will!


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