You Can't Marry Casanova


Without fail, women fall for bad boys.

Sorry to crush the chick flick fantasies, but picking and finding a husband IS NOT the same as finding Prince Charming. All that glitters isn't gold, and many of those guys on the market that seem like knights in shining armor are actually selfish pricks disguised as such. On the other hand it takes time to get to know someone, and you're also not going to fall in love with every guy immediately, and one of these guys might actually be the one if you actually gave the guy a chance.

The most common mistakes women make is meeting a guy who sweeps them off their feet and spending months or even years trying to preserve the initial feelings, whilst at the same time moving on immediately if there isn't that magic feeling right away. Let me tell you this, if you never give a guy a shot unless he takes your breath away, you are destroying your chances for lasting love.


If you keep dating jerks and you're looking to find a husband then tell yourself this:

1) Stop falling so hard for guys you barely know. One thing that's common to women who keep dating jerks is they tend to obssess about a guy they think is a good catch. They put so much importance in a guy they hardly know they totally fail to see any red flags.

2) Stop responding to just that attraction alone. You might think it's love but it's not love. Love takes time to establish. You don't need to have butterflies in the stomach when you first meet someone, you do however need to pick well.

3) Start realizing that love isn't the same as infatuation, and that finding a life long partner's not the same as finding Prince Charming.

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