You Can't Marry Casanova


Without fail, women fall for bad boys.

Ok first of all, let me say that my friend's not a young girl just looking to play. She keeps telling me she's looking for a husband, and after dating many jerks she's tired of guys just looking to play.

Recently 3 guys have been hitting on her at the same time. The first one is chasing her really hard, to the point where he's being so clingy he's giving her that uncomfortable feeling he's stalking her. I wish I could just tell the guy to just give up. He constantly texts her, messages her on facebook, and wants to meet up with her, and because she's not interested his constant advances bugs the hell out of her. Ok, let's be honest here, desperate = unattractive, and this applies to both sexes. If you're looking to attract someone don't try so hard. The best way to attract someone is to be friendly and show a little interest but allow the other person to have plenty of room. You literally need to have the guts to lose the person you have attraction for, the more you care the higher the chance you might come off as desperate.


The second guy's a nice guy who's not physically attractive, but he's not ugly. He's only slightly on the bigger side but not fat, he's balding, but he's acceptable looking in my opinion. Let's be honest though, most people are average looking, and it's naive to think that all of us can find a Brad Pitt, or Angelina lookalike (or if you don't like that couple, think of someone you do find hot) What is important is this guy's a nice guy and genuinely interested in my friend, and what I don't like is she talks down about him even though he's not being desperate like the first guy.

Enter Casanova, of course that's not his real name, but just like Casanova, he's Italian. I don't mean American Italian, I mean Italian Italian. He's a real charmer and quite handsome. He was in town recently for a few days and hooked up with my friend. When she talks about her experience with him she gets excited just thinking back, and now he's coming back to town for another trip and my friend can't stop talking about him.

Remember this is the girl tired of dating jerks and looking for a husband, i.e. LIFE LONG PARTNER.

Ever wonder why so many girls end up with jerks even though every girl says she wants a loving relationship? Picking Casanova over the second guy's one of the main reasons. At the end of the day women get to pick their partners at the start, and lots of women quite frankly pick really badly.

The problem for a lot of women is they have all these fantasies about what love should be like. You see it in chick flicks, and romance novels are all about this. Whenever we as a society talk about "the one" we associate the guy with Prince Charming or a knight in shining armor. Tell me this though, WHAT'S FARMER FRED AND PEASANT PETER GONNA DO!?

Let's face it, there's a supply and demand problem if every girl wants a Prince but there's only one Prince in the kingdom.

How many times have you met a guy and thought this guy's "The one"?

How many times has that guy actually turned out to be "The one"?

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