4 Decisions You Shouldn't Make Without Him


couple with baby
When it comes to vacations and babies, you shouldn't go it alone.

By Dee Mason

Recently, Emma Watson's boyfriend Johnny Simmons had a life-changing decision to make. It's been reported that Watson asked him to move not only states, but countries, to be with her. Specifically, she asked Simmons to move to London as she completed a year at Oxford University. At the time, the move was even more monumental because it was still early in their relationship. In November this year, reports surfaced that the duo were suffering from problems related to Simmons' refusal to follow her to England.


Moving to be near your partner is no small choice ... and there are many more decisions where that came from. Here are four important choices you'll inevitably encounter in your serious relationship, and factors to consider with each:

Going on vacation

It may seem like a fabulous idea, but before you book any last minute cruises, it's imperative that you think carefully. A getaway will see you either cementing your relationship, or realizing you're just not meant to be. Being in someone’s company all day is a challenge to many couples when they’re just starting out. Think before you grab that bargain on impulse, as it may come with more consequences than you're ready to handle.

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Moving in together

Meeting your partner for drinks and dinner is one thing, and seeing their dirty socks lying on the floor is quite another. Moving in together a big step, which can either spell the end of a blissful relationship or the beginning of something really special. If your partner’s a keeper, then you’ll have to make the decision sooner or later.

Getting married

People tend to know, deep down, if their partner is the right one for them. Ask yourself if your partner is your best friend and if you want the same things in life. If you don't feel you can ask them anything or you get bored in their company, it may be time to reconsider the relationship. If you can imagine wanting to be with someone else eventually or you don't consider them a priority, it's probably cause for concern. If, on the other hand, you can confront these issues positively, then it's safe to say you're on to something. Marriage is always a risk, but both an educated and emotional decision can lead to a new and exciting phase of your life.

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