It’s Time to Stop Asking, ‘When Will It Be My Turn?’


It’s Time to Stop Asking, ‘When Will It Be My Turn?’

Regardless, anything worthwhile is going to take at least a minute amount of effort on your part. You have to be willing and able to put the work into your love life if you want to be in love. You may have to get off the couch, and go out on the weekends or attend therapy sessions. You may have to stop dominating every conversation in which you participate. The bottom line is, you may have to really put yourself out there.

Getting yourself together in hopes of getting a date is sure to benefit your life in multiple ways. You’ll value yourself more and will therefore make better decisions about who to date in the first place. Basically, you're telling the world, "Look at me. I’m fabulous! No smelly breath here!"


The bottom line is that you have to stop sitting around wondering, "When will it be my turn?" Instead, get out there and really try. It’s going to be scary, and at times it will probably suck. Nothing good in life was accomplished without trying, so in the meantime, embrace being single and enjoy the time you have dating around!

Danae Matthews writes for the on-line women’s health resource Women’s Health Base

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