What Guys Think Links: He Loves Your Flaws


she's weird
Plus, what ALL the straight people are doing.

A really bad way to get a baby made is occupy the more waste-focused orifice (CPA as we sometimes like to call it). According to Nerve, the CDC says that anal sex is all the rage amongst the "breeders."

You'd imagine that guys are pretty keen about the backdoor situation, but before you tsk tsk the whole gender, AskMen tells us that a survey has stated that gentlemen prefer brunettes. Keep in mind that the Scandinavian Journal Of Psychology was prominently involved in the survey.


You'd guess that a certain subset of women may be jazzed that brown-hairs are held in such high-regard. Em & Lo ask their man panel what they think of dating feminists.

The dude at The Frisky, John DeVore, doesn't love condoms (he's a member of a VERY inclusive club). He also thinks it's weird that there are ad wizards whose very lives depends on making prophos seem fun. "Hey, baby, check out my glow-in-the-dark lightsaber, we're all having a good time."

And more fun from The Impersonals. This time around, five viciously sincere tips on how to make online dating more successful. "Getting really hot," mercifully, isn't one of them.

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