Shiri Appleby On Her New Show, 'Dating Rules From My Future Self'


Shiri Appleby On Her New Show, 'Dating Rules From My Future Self'
The actress talks about her new web series, reflects on her past dating life and offers some tips!

Very good advice! So, if you could describe your match, who would it be?
I'm basically looking for my best friend who I want to have sex with. When I was doing Life Unexpected, I was alone and the only thing I wanted was to be cuddled up with my best friend who I also wanted to have sex with. We come up with these things that are dealbreakers and reasons why someone isn't right for us, but at the end of the day, what we really need is someone we can really talk to and who we don't mind getting naked with. 

What characteristics do you value in a mate?
Character is big. Also, someone having a lot of drive is huge for me. I think if someone can wake up in the morning and they're passionate about what they're doing, that is a huge thing. My mom's brother told me that there are two things you need out of life: something you love getting up to do and someone you want to come home to at night. 10 Signs He's Not The One


What other things do you have in the works?
Right now, I'm writing a book about dating. It's called "Searching For Mr. Appleby," and it's going out to publishers at the end of the month. I'm also producing a show and a feature. Staying busy!

How is your love life treating you?
I've been with someone for over a year that makes me feel really special! It just got to a point where I figured out what I needed to be happy as opposed to what I thought would make me happy.

What's one dating move or tip you would share with our readers?
I've always thought that going on a date should feel like going to a party. So for that I say, sit at the bar – it could be awkward and nervous sitting across from each other. If you're sitting next to each other, you can interact with the bartender and other people, so time will just fly! And, when all else fails, ask a lot of questions.

Dating Rules From My Future Self debuts January 9. To see a sneak peek, visit Facebook, Twitter or YouTube

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