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Ryan Gosling Gets Serious About Eva Mendes, Introduces Her To Mom


Ryan Gosling Gets Serious About Eva Mendes, Introduces Her To Mom
Ryan is such a mama's boy... and we love him for it!
The couple has only been dating for a few months, but this is clearly more than a fling.

It looks like Ryan Gosling and girlfriend Eva Mendes are still going strong!

After having a romantic, PDA-filled New Year's in New York (they were spotted kissing on NYE as they waited outside for a cab), the couple, who have now been dating for a little over months, jetted off to LA, but not before taking a serious step on the road to commitment: Ryan introduced Eva to his mom! Ryan Gosling & Eva Mendes Romance Each Other In Paris

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Donna Gosling, whom Ryan is very close to, met up with the celebrity couple on New Year's Day to catch a flick.

"They all hung out and went to the movies together," a source tells People. "Ryan and Eva seemed very happy."

We're guessing the meeting between the two most important women in Ryan's life went well, although it must have been a bit nerve-wracking for Eva, especially considering what a mama's boy the 31-year-old actor is! (Ryan even took his mom as his date to the Ides of March premiere.)

Back in LA, Ryan and his 37-year-old squeeze continued their world tour of love, as Eva was spotted this week on the set of a film Ryan is directing. Exclusive! Ryan Gosling: "I Think I'm A Pretty Weird-Looking Guy"

We guess when your boyfriend flies to Paris to suprise you while you're working, you have to return the favor!

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Do you think these two are headed towards an engagement?

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