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5 Sexiest VMA-Nominated Music Videos

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards nominees have been announced! We have chosen the five sexiest videos to be released since the Rihanna S&M video controversy (the racy video is still banned in some countries). These are the videos you dance in your underwear to in the morning and get busy to at night. And we promise to vote for Adele some other time.

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What Men Think About Summer 2011 Fashions

Most of y'all (and I mean ladies), think men like spring and summer clothes strictly via a less-is-more axiom. And while nothing could be closer to the truth, it's not the whole truth. In many ways what guys like about summer fashion (and women's clothing in general) can be best measured in reverse. We're better at telling you what we hate and here's what it is.

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6 Sexy Mardi Gras Date Ideas For Couples

Mardi Gras is here (!), and you can bet New Orleans will be a spectacle of booze, boobs and beads. However, if you didn't get a chance to visit "The Big Easy" for this year's celebration, it doesn't mean you can't still celebrate. As a way to include you and your partner in the last hurrah before Lent begins (tomorrow), here are six ways the two of you can celebrate the indulgence that is Mardi Gras right from your own home. Low-Cost, Last-Minute Mardi Gras

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What The Year Of The Rabbit Means For Your Love Life

In the Chinese calendar, 2010 was the year of the Tiger. If you're feeling a little tuckered out after these past 12 months, that's natural. It was quite a torrid affair--full of tumultuous mood swings, lots of hard work and over-the-top passionate adventures. Yeah, we know. Phew. We survived the drama, and even enjoyed it to a certain extent, but it's time to move on to a calmer year and animal. Enter 2011. On February 3, it's the year of the Rabbit. Need a little schooling on what that means for your love life? We've got you covered.

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10 Ways To Have More Love In 2011

What’s the one thing that would make 2011 your best year ever? More money? A better job? Losing 20 pounds? As great as those might be, there’s something else that I guarantee will create a magical year: love. Not Hollywood or Hallmark-card kind of love, but love as a state of being: the kind of love I call Love for No Reason. Here are 10 ways to bring more unconditional love into your life this year.

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Your Dating To-Do List For 2011

Well, 2011 is upon us. After a year of sluttin' it up and having a grand ol' time doing it, I feel very ready to meet someone special. A boyfriend, a partner-in-crime, if you will. With that in mind, I've already made some dating resolutions for the upcoming year, and have noted the 10 types of guys I plan to avoid now that I'm looking for a relationship with some depth, not to mention an exchange of last names. Having been actively online dating for the last year, I have definitely “put myself out there,” to use the annoying phrase lobbed around by advice-filled smug monogamists, but I also think I need to be more open-minded about WHO to date. Here are the 7 types of guys to date in 2011.

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25 Celebrity Love Predictions For 2011

2010 brought us plenty of odd celebrity pairings (Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent), the occasional true love fest (Nicole Richie and Joel Madden), and tons of on-again-off-again scandals (insert man here, The Kardashians). Thanks to the relationship astrologers at, who analyze the romantic potential of celebrity couples, we now have a preview of all the surprising star successes and potential celeb dramas awaiting us in 2011.

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Love Trends In 2011: Our Top 10 Predictions

Let's face it: The world is still a scary, unstable and uncertain place. The lesson learned: What's here today may very well be gone tomorrow... whether it be our 401ks, our jobs or our relationships. So what will 2011 bring? YourTango went to the experts for their predictions, and has come back to you with the following list. May it serve you well.