5 Ways Technology is Ruining Your Dating Life


5 Ways Technology is Ruining Your Dating Life
Is technology ruining your relationship?

5. It’s Not Official Until It’s On the Internet: Apparently relationships are no longer ‘official’ until they’re spread all over the internet, which makes many people feel uncomfortable. So it begs the question – is it necessary to plaster your relationship status all over Facebook? On the one hand, some believe that unless you have something to hide, you and your beau should both change your relationship status on Facebook as well as indicate who you are in a relationship with to show you are both ‘off limits’. Conversely, others believe that your ‘status’ shouldn’t be broadcast on a website and that it isn’t anyone else’s business. Either way, 5 years ago this situation wasn’t something we had to deal with and it’s another reason why technology may be ruining your dating life.

What other examples can you think of that demonstrate technology is taking a toll on your dating life? Share your thoughts below!

By Melissa Tierney

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