The 12 Hottest Single Women In Hollywood

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Mila Kunis
It's National Unmarried And Single Americans Week! These ladies prove you don't need a ring on it.

Yeah, these famous ladies are single, what about it? 

Well actually, instead of putting them down for their solo status (like Hollywood often does), we want to congratulate them in the name of National Unmarried And Single Americans Week! 100 Best Things About Being Single: Part 2 of 5 [GALLERY]

Whether they're newly single, divorced or just playing the field, these celebrities make being unattached in Hollywood look like the way to go. All 12 of our picks exude confidence, independence, intelligence and talent... with an added dose of sex appeal. What's hotter than that?

Check out our photos to see why stars like Mila Kunis, Cameron Diaz, Renee Zellweger and more are inspiring us single ladies every day!

Photos: The 12 Hottest Single Women In Hollywood

P.S. We didn't forget about the boys... check back later this week to see who made that list.

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