Exclusive! Matt Damon: "I'm Surrounded By Beautiful Girls"


Matt Damon
The 'Contagion' star tells us how lucky he feels to have so many women in his life.

Now, you're a daddy to four gorgeous girls. Are you a protective father?
My wife's nickname for me is "Red Alert." I think I'm probably more protective after making this movie than I ever have been with the kids. I sometimes just check to see if the kids are breathing. I don't want to be a helicopter parent hovering over them. But I did have a flashlight near our bed for awhile. After the last earthquake, I put it there, but I'm not sure where it is now.

Were you a romantic guy when your wife was pregnant?
First of all, we weren't planning another one. Once we got over the initial shock, we got into the pregnancy groove again. I think as the guy you do what your wife says to do. I can tell you that the great thing about living in New York City is you can order anything online at any hour of the day. Whatever she is craving, they deliver. You can even enjoy some late night Ben & Jerry's together, which is romantic. Matt Damon: Marrying An Actress Makes You Crazy


What is it really like being in a household of all women?
I just don't get a lot of time in the bathroom, but that's okay. I'm surrounded by beautiful girls. I'm a lucky guy.

Let's talk about "bros" for a moment. Any chance you'll work with Ben Affleck again?
We're always completely looking for a way to hook up. Ben has gone on to become so successful as a director and an actor now. It gives us a way to work together in different ways now. (He laughs). I guess 40 is not so bad.

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