How Will I React If My Child is Gay?


lesbian wedding
I've always had a checklist for my childrens' future mates. Gender never made the cut.

(Okay, the last one may be pushing it, but I figured it was worth praying on. Liking the in-laws would make holidays much simpler.) The more we talked about this, though, the more obvious it became that race and gender weren't on the list. If our children meet people they love with their whole heart who fit most of our qualifications, we’re going to consider the prayer answered.

My husband hadn't considered that our children could fall in love with someone who fit all these boxes but happened to be the same gender. I had. Advice: My Son Just Came Out Of The Closet


Here’s where it gets sticky. I expect my children to live a life of integrity, and one led by their faith. (I do acknowledge that many people will think this statement makes my entire opinion hypocritical, but perhaps that's a different blog post.) So promiscuity doesn’t really factor in. I expect them to find a mate, commit to that mate, and treat marriage as if it's their lifeboat and life is their ocean.

How do you hold children to that standard, teach them that relationships are worth sticking with through thick and thin, if society tells them that for them, permanent relationships are illegal? With the passage of gay marriage in New York, mothers can now teach their homosexual children that romance should involve the search for a life partner. Someone to commit to, to share life with, just as they would teach their heterosexual children.

I don’t know if my children are gay. Honestly, I hope not, because it seems like life is hard enough if you're straight. But it's a huge, huge relief to me that life for homosexuals just a got a tiny bit easier. Because every gay man and woman is someone's child. Some mother loves them, and wants more than anything for them to be happy. And as a mother, I can’t seem to look at the world from any other perspective.

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