Beyonce's Bizarre Pregnancy Cravings

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Beyonce's pregnancy has her craving ketchup-dipped bananas and ice cream with hot sauce. Yum!

Beyonce Knowles is a very beautiful—very rich—woman. One would think her pregnancy would be, I don't know, fancy and glamorous, complete with nutritionist on hand 24 hours a day, guiding her in every dietary decision she makes, as well as blending her kale and berry smoothies.

That's so not the case with Mrs. Jay-Z. In fact, the pop singer is hands-down eating the weirdest—and grossest—foods I've ever heard of a pregnant woman eating in my entire life.

We're talking ice cream with hot chili sauce on top, people. And it only gets stranger.

Word on the street is Beyonce's cravings have been driving the crew of their $400,000-a-week-yacht insane as she and husband, Jay-Z, cruise around Italy and Croatia. A source said: "Usually guests sip Cristal champagne while nibbling on lobster. Instead Beyonce is having these very odd cravings."

And, of course, you want to know what those cravings are, right?

Well, according that same source, Beyonce has been "snacking on Oreos and pickles, ice creams with hot chili sauce, and she loves dipping bananas in ketchup. For breakfast, she's been having croissants with melted chocolate bars inside."

I mean, I'm happy to hear that Beyonce's eating and all—some moms-to-be can barely choke anything down— but what...odd food combinations. Ketchup and bananas? How does one even think to get such a craving? My stomach is turning just thinking about it. Yuck.

As nauseating as this all is, though, I've gotta say, it's sort of refreshing to hear about a celebrity who really is "just like us" while pregnant. Er, I don't mean "just like us" in the sense that we're all craving chocolate bar sammies first thing in the morning. I mean, "just like us" in the sense that she's keepin' it real and eating what she pleases. She's not getting all fancy on us while she's with child.

Except for the $400,000 a week yacht thing. That's pretty fancy.

What were your cravings when you were pregnant?

Written by Nicole Fabian-Weber for The Stir.

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