12 Ways To Celebrate Unmarried & Single Americans Week


12 Ways To Celebrate Unmarried & Single Americans Week
Looking for ideas on how to honor your singlehood this week? We've got you covered!

5. Do you. Literally. The Frisky suggests going to Babeland, picking up a new toy and taking part in some me time. They say "a masturbation technique you've never tried before will be like taking on another lover, one guaranteed to bend to your whim!"

4. Wear something sexy. And don't wear it for anyone but yourself! Sure, it's great to dress up for a partner, but it feels good to dress up for ourselves, too. So we're thinking lace panties, a little black dress and anything else that'll remind you that you don't need a man to feel sexy.


3. Revel in reality TV. Or Rom-Coms or the pop albums you tuck away when entertaining a potential partner. Since you're not in a relationship, you don't have to compromise your TV or radio time so watch and listen to whatever you please.

2. Date. Duh! You're unattached, so why not date as many men as possible? If nothing else, it's a great way to see what kinds of qualities you do and do not want in your next boyfriend. Why You Should Date Someone Who's Out Of Your League

1. Look Ahead. Again, this one comes from AskMen, and it's our favorite idea thus far: live in the moment. You "should live in the moment, take the plunge and seize the opportunities." It's important to take risks, and enjoy being single while you can. 

Look out for more awesome singles lists this week and tweet how you celebrate being single @YourTango with #NationalSinglesWeek!

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