Ladies Love Tim Tebow


Tim Tebow
Is Tim Tebow really the perfect man? One writer analyzes her crush.

I soon learned Tim isn't just a great quarterback, but an athlete who uses his platform and likable persona to talk about his faith and glorify God. He spends summers in the Philippines ministering to orphans, and has talked to inmates about the Gospel. He wore Bible verses on his eyeblack in college and told a crowd of reporters that he was saving sex for marriage. And unlike other celebrities who make this same claim, he seems serious. He has his own foundation that aims at helping kids. He has a best-selling memoir about his faith, family and football experiences. He even worked with his mom on a Super Bowl commercial which supported a pro-life organization amidst a ton of criticism. (His mother was told to abort him for the sake of her health but she refused, which is why he is here today.)

Basically, Tim's a rare guy.


In a world where we are fed stories almost daily about the sex scandals or illegal antics of high-profile men, here's someone who refuses to have any part of it, someone who not only seems to understand the power of his faith but the reason it's so important to live by it. And that sort of conviction is incredibly attractive to all women. 45 Things We’ve Learned From Sex Scandals

I'd venture a guess that most women like chivalry. We want a man who shows commitment. We like solid, traditional values; a guy we could bring home to mom and dad with the sure-fire belief that they would just adore him. All these things give us a sense of stability, knowing we'd be taken care of and have a shoulder to lean on whenever we're forced to soldier through hard times. These days, being old-fashioned is actually refreshing. Tim embodies these ideas, thus there's a large group of women who are attracted to him.

Now, particularly if you're a person of faith looking for love, you want to end up with a guy who isn't afraid to stand up for everything his faith is about. I believe God wants me to marry a guy who will challenge me to become a better Christian, who sets a great example, who will be the head of the household and lead our family down the right path. Something tells me, and probably a lot of other faith-fueled women, that Tim would be that guy. I can tell by the way carries himself in the face of all the headlines and criticism about his beliefs, abilities and witness. While I know he's not perfect, he does always seems to put a smile on and do the right thing. And that's completely admirable. That is why I have a, um, bit of a schoolgirl crush on him. (Allow me to bring Exhibit D and E into evidence for final explanation.) My Faith Is Keeping Me Single

Even though I haven't found Mr. Right yet, I'll be looking for a guy who displays Tim Tebow-like qualities. If you see one, please send him my way. Or, you know, feel free to send the real guy my way if that would be easier. Whichever works.

Do you get the Tim-Tebow appeal?

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