The Girl Who Traveled to Nowhere Fast


The Girl Who Traveled to Nowhere Fast
  1. Set an intention. This will be your rudder throughout this Dream life process.
  2. Live in integrity. To do so means you keep agreements with yourself, with others and with your God.
  3. Be willing to right-side up your life. This means that will bring in assistance to explore, create and live out your dream life.
  4. Become clear on what you want in life. Speak it to everyone who will listen to and support you.
  5. Believe in yourself. When others don’t believe in you, find someone who will.
  6. Take action toward your dream. Daily action in 10-minute increments brings about amazing results.
  7. Make an agreement with yourself that hiding YOU is no longer an option.

As you settle into yourself and take a deep breath, know that we possess the habit of over-thinking. Thus, we want to know how…How is this going to happen? Am I sure I really need it? How do I know it will work? This time, I encourage you to take a different approach and ask yourself:

What has rolling over and playing dead cost me?


While you remember the powerful, successful, strong-yet-feminine you who dreamed of living an amazing life, I encourage you to let in that creating your dream life is indeed possible. You are indeed quite worthy of living a First Class Female life.

Life, Love & Luxury in Alignment,

Debbie Ingle
Expert Life Designer at First Class Female

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