Don't Hate The Game 3: How To Deal With His Football Obsession

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Score big points with your sweetie this football season using tips from our resident guy's guy.

Krissy: Yeah, when you're rushing me through brunch because we have to go home and turn on the game? I would be happier to sit at the bar and eat wings with you, you know? Fantasy Football May Save Your Marriage

Tomfoolery: Yeah, we know.


Krissy: So, my brother tells me that almost no matter what, a guy is going to put football before me. Is that true?

Tomfoolery: Oh, I feel like this is a "bros before hos" situation. Pardon my language, but I mean, let me break it down. Someone's not necessarily putting football before you, it's more about hanging out with their buddies. And chances are if you just started dating someone, they're not gonna want to necessarily invest the time in being with you because they don't know if it's gonna work out. The thinking is, "No, I'd rather hang out with my buddies."

Natalie: Well if we feel like you're ignoring us, then it's not gonna work out!

Tomfoolery: Well, yeah, good call. I started dating a girl in the spring once, and she had no idea I was a die-hard Clemson Tigers fan. She'd grown up in the Northeast—where I feel like people aren't as crazy about college football as they are in the South where I'm from. And she was like, "Oh gosh, he wouldn't look at me all afternoon because he was so angry about the game." So my buddy told her, "Well, yeah, that's gonna happen. His takes winning and losing really personally." I'm an otherwise totally rational person—and this might sound silly—but some portion of my value is determined by how well this group of 60-some odd 18- to 22-year-olds performs every Saturday in the fall.

Natalie: But I don't feel like women need to change our behavior when it comes to your football habits. Can't you guys do something to make it easier to be around you during football season? Maybe like once an hour you could look over and go, "Hey! You look nice today!"

Faye: "Oh wow, you're here?!"

Jessica: Right, we know Clemson's your team, and I know you have to watch the Clemson game, but you should give up another game [and spend more time with us].

Tomfoolery: [Laughs.] Well, one thing I try to do—and this might even sound a little bit demeaning—but I always assign a player on the team to someone I'm going out with so they get a little invested in the team.

Krissy: Aha, someone actually did that with me recently. That's good.

Tomfoolery: I give her the backstory: "Okay, this is where this guy grew up in Atlanta, super bright guy, great football player, blah blah blah."

Jessica: What if a girl just really doesn't like sports?

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