Don't Hate The Game 2: Fantasy Football & Guys Demystified


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What is fantasy football? Why do guys obsess over it so much? Tomfoolery gives us the 101.

Faye: Right, but we don't cry just because we see Kim Kardashian cry on an episode of their show. But guys get really emotional about sports.

Krissy: Especially fantasy football.


Rachel: Why does my husband care more about his fantasy football player getting hurt, than if I got hurt? Win $550 Worth Of Luxury Goods From Henri Bendel!

Tomfoolery: Because he can consider himself a winner just because someone else—his player—did something. There's this way for you to enjoy the game more because you're not just pulling for your team, you're actually invested in everything that happens in the game. Fans are so much more engaged. There's a weird pride thing, plus if you kick in a little money, there's some financial windfall too.

Natalie: My boyfriend is starting to really get into fantasy football this season. I'm getting a little worried about how much time it'll take. He's thinking up some ridonkulous team names.

Tomfoolery: Yeah, you have to think up a funny or offensive team name, that takes some time, but the thing that takes the most time is the draft and setting up your team. But you do that at the beginning of the season and it's over.

Faye: Do you think you spend, what, like, an hour a day researching football? 9 Need-To-Know Rules For Football Season

Tomfoolery: I've never spent that much time.

Watch this weekend for part three of our Don't Hate The Game series, where Tomfoolery teaches us the most important play of all: how to get along with your guy on game day.

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