Gay Marriage Inspired Joy Behar To Marry Boyfriend After 29 Years

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The View star explains what prompted her to finally get married.

"After a honeymoon for 29 years, we decided to ruin it and get married…(The passage of gay marriage in New York) did have an influence on me—it brought to my consciousness why gays needed to get married. And I thought it was a good reason for me to get married. And so did Steve, so we did it…If he was going to get down on one knee, I wanted it be during the time when he could still get up from one knee."

Joy Behar explains why she and boyfriend Steve Janowitz decided to get married last month, after being together for 29 years without tying the knot. Funny. I so want to know if, after nearly three decades together, being newlyweds feels any different. Tell us, Joy.

Written by Kate Torgovnick for The Frisky.

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