Jennifer Love Hewitt's Crush, Ben Flajnik, Named The New Bachelor


Ben is ready to move on and find true love... on-screen, of course.

Despite a much talked about Twitter-induced date with Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ben Flajnik is moving on to find a new girl! The 28-year-old has been chosen as ABC's next star on the upcoming 16th season of The BachelorJennifer Love Hewitt Flies To San Francisco to Date Ben Flajnik

Sure, the California winemaker may have publicly had his heart ripped apart by Ashley Hebert, the former Bachelorette who turned down his marriage proposal and ran off into the sunset with her pick, J.P. Rosenbaum. But Ben's ready for more on-screen wooing. Of course, this time he'll be the one courted by 25 female contestants. We imagine it's a nice change of pace! The Bachelorette: Best Quotes From Ashley Hebert And Her New Man

Flajnick recently posted on Twitter, "Secret is out. Looking forward to my new journey as the new bachelor!"

Of course, we hope Ben finds love this time around, as do others. "Everyone wants [Ben] to find the woman of his dreams," a source tells Us Weekly (via Wonderwall). "He loved Ashley."

We just hope he remembers how the sting of rejection feels and is kind when he turns down the women vying for his affection!

Tell us: what do you think of Ben being the new Bachelor?

Photo Credit: ABC


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