Home-Schooling Gave Me An Unusual Perspective On Dating


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Does where we go to school affect the way we date? For me, it did.

After Henry, I began seeing Dave. I'd known him since high school, but had been too afraid to date him. Dave was, as I scrawled in my angst-ridden journal, "the kind of guy you marry," which would surely sidetrack me from college and a career. But he was persistent and I relented. 

Dave, an engineer, had a calculated approach to love that was perfectly suited to my no-nonsense style. One night, I asked if he believed in soul mates. "Not really," he said. "It's statistically improbable that there is just one person for you and that you will meet them in your lifetime." His logic made me swoon. We were two non-romantics who'd found romance.


Five years after we got married, and after I graduated from college and launched my writing career, Dave and I decided to have a child. We approached that decision with all the heart-warming rationality that had drawn us together in the first place: a spreadsheet and a thorough investigation of our health insurance.

My upbringing obviously influenced how I approached both decisions—the marriage and the kids—but they were two of the best decisions of my life. Home-schooling taught me to reject dating, but it helped me find love. 

(Still, I won't be home schooling my daughter or telling her to court. She can definitely date...when she's 47.)

When it comes to love, does your education matter?