My Husband Wants To Circumcise Our Son... But I Don't


doctor needles
To snip or not to snip? That was the question we couldn't get past.

From where I’m sitting, the idea of circumcising my future son strikes me as bizarre and unfamiliar, considering I would never even think to do the same to my potential daughter upon her arrival. For girls, we don’t even refer to it as circumcision; we call it Female Genital Mutilation. We rise up in protest when we hear about cultures that do it to their daughters but we alter our sons' bodies without worry.

Ultimately, my husband said that since I feel this strongly we should plan on not circumcising our son, should we have one. I appreciate his willingness to err on the side of caution for my sake. We are both passionate, opinionated people and I don’t expect to win every argument or for every conflict to have such a neat resolution. But in this case, I'm grateful.

Now I just need to get pregnant. I should get on that.