Can Autumn Ruin Your Marriage?


Couple Kissing in the Fall
Four ways to stay connected to your spouse during the busy fall months.

Most of these tips boil down to being intentional in your communication. Lazy communication doesn’t work. When we give generic answers we leave room for interpretations that may be less that what we desire. There are certain levels of communication that are needed in marriage—the scheduling/information type of communication, then there is the deeper level communication, such as how do you feel? What is bothering you? Both types of communication need to be happening. If you can focus on both levels of communication it will help insure that not only the busyness of life is taken care of, but also that your spouse knows that you care about how they are doing on a much deeper level.

Taking the time to think about these things now, and actually putting them into practice over these next few months might actually make going into the holidays just a bit easier.

What does your marriage need to be successful?

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