Grouper: Group Dating To Get You Offline And Out On The Town


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Why meet one guy for a drink when you can meet three? This site's making dating a friendly affair.

This is probably why the club has been so wildly successful. Despite the company's infancy, dozens of Groupers are currently being organized in New York each week, and 93 percent of members who've been on one say they would do it again. The process itself is just so incredibly easy, it's hard to find an excuse not to go on one.

"It's the ultimate win-win-win," says Guo. "It's a win for us because we do make money, it's a win for people because their first drink is covered (which will cost almost $20 at these places anyways), and it's great for the venue because we match the customers to the place based on their Facebook profile." 5 Ways To Make Your Facebook Page Ready For Love


If you happen to not live in NYC, are already coupled up, or would like to hang out with people of the same sex, don't tune out just yet: Guo and Waxman plan to expand Grouper to cities like San Francisco, Boston, L.A., and D.C. once they perfect their game here. They also regularly plan same-sex Groupers, and have recently launched "Supper Club By Grouper," where 6 couples or pairs of friends meet for an underground dinner party prepared by some of the best private chefs around. Genius, I know.

"Hopefully in a few years, we'll look back and think, 'In 2011, people thought social was a 'Like' button on Facebook,'" says Guo. "I think a more organic and real definition of social is going out with your friends for a couple of hours and meeting new people in real life. Making human connections is the most powerful motivation in life. It's a huge world out there and we just want to make it a little bit smaller."

Nicely put, Mr. Yale. Now if you'll excuse me, there is a potentially great guy and his two friends who are waiting to have a drink with me and my girls in the Lower East Side. You could say I've become quite the "Groupie."

What do you think about the concept of group dating? Would you go on one if they were available in your area?

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