Erotic stimulation of one's own genital organs, usually to achieve orgasm.

Erotic stimulation of one's own genital organs, usually to achieve orgasm. Masturbatory behavior is common in infants and adolescents, and is indulged in by many adults as well. Studies indicate that over 90% of U.S. males and 60 – 80% of U.S. females have masturbated at one time or another. Kinsey’s survey found that almost 40% of men and 30% of women in relationships masturbated. A study of Playboy readers found that 72% of married men masturbated, and a study of Redbook readers found that 68% of married women masturbated.

There are many expressions for this practice, including auto-eroticism, self-abuse, the solitary pleasure, and onanism etc. etc. I have found a document giving you quite a lot of synonyms - and I'm sure you are impressed about the number.

The use of synonyms makes it much more easier talking about this theme!

The relevant document you will find here: Masturbation-a-Synonym-Glossary

And always think about that: Masturbation allows a healthy way to express and explore one's sexuality and to release sexual tension without the associated risks of sexual intercourse, according to many healthcare providers. They also agree that masturbation is a natural, normal, and healthy way of self-exploration and sexual expression.

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