How To Make Labor Day The Most Romantic Day Of The Year [GALLERY]


couple flip flops labor day
There is a world of potential for Labor Day love -- even if all your relatives are around.

Summer 2011 officially comes to a close next Monday, September 5, and we're all looking forward to relaxing during the long weekend.

With a multitude of party ideas to choose from, it can be quite overwhelming for couples to decide what to do for Labor Day. So we here at YourTango compiled some of our favorite festivities inspirations, perfect for any couple looking to spend quality time with each other and their family and friends.

Whether it's bonding on the beach with your in-laws or tailgating with friends to kick off the start the 2011 football season, click through to get a head start on your Labor Day party planning!

Photo Gallery: Forget Valentine's! How To Make Labor Day The Most Romantic Day Of The Year

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