5 Ways To Beat Empty-Nest Syndrome


empty nest
With your kids off to college, it's time to focus on yourself and learn new things.

1. Get a Pet
Whether a dog, cat, fish or hamster, a pet can be your new best friend. Newly added responsibilities that come along with owning a pet will close those empty, lonely gaps and bring happiness into your life. And while pets can be on the expensive side, you can avoid spending a lot by adopting from the ASPCA. You'll spice up your empty nest while doing a good deed. For just $100 you can give an unwanted pet a new, loving home.

2. Travel, travel, travel
Ever since you've had kids you might have felt that you never had the time to travel or go to half the places you wanted to. Put your finger on a globe, spin and go! You can go with your husband or girlfriends or maybe you're an extrovert who loves to meet new people. You can find numerous travel groups online. Leave that empty feeling at home, and you'll have the time of your life while making amazing, new experiences.


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This article was originally published at Fox News. Reprinted with permission.
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