Love In Numbers: 21 Songs To Get Frisky To During Hurricane Irene


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Plus, 10 signs your relationship is getting serious.

10 signs it's not so casual anymore: I was once seeing a guy in what I thought was a casual relationship, when one night, out of nowhere, he took me to this crazy fancy restaurant with overly attentive waiters, a live saxophone player and entrees that cost more than my H&M dress. On any other ocassion, I would've been thrilled to go on such a classic date, but the experience left me really hazy and confused about our "casual" status. Was it turning into something more, like a real, live, actual relationship? I wish I had this list from The Frisky of the "10 'firsts' on the way from casual dating to a serious relationship" to refer to. It would've made everything so much clearer!

Here are some more "Love in Numbers" tidbits from around the web this week:

30: Lines you can borrow from literature when you just can't find the right words to break up with someone. (Flavorwire)

25: Questions you can ask your boy-toy while you're holed up together waiting out the hurricane. (HowAboutWe)

21: Songs to get it on to during Hurricane Irene. Your ultimate stay-in-and-hunker-down playlist. (The Daily Beast)

7: Ways to reinvent yourself. Feel-good activities you can do to feel like a completely new person. (Glo)

7: Signs that he's not that into you, and that you probably won't be hearing from him anymore. Sorry! (Fox News imag)

6: Awful sex positions you won't want to try anytime soon. (College Candy)

6: Decisions you're faced with when you start dating someone new. (eHarmony)

5: Smokin' hot famous lesbian couples that look too good to be true. (YourTango CelebLove)

5: Types of toxic friends and how to let them go. (BettyConfidential)

3: Famous hunks: Marlon Brando, Paul Newman, Clint Eastwood. Which one would you marry, screw, and kill? (The Gloss)


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