7 Mistakes That Kill Relationships


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Steer clear of these seven deadly sins, which can bring even the strongest relationships to a halt.

What people sometimes don't take into account is how dangerous it can be to get involved with someone who is also abusive to themselves. When someone is actively engaged in drug or alcohol abuse, it can be difficult for their partner to see that they're not really in a relationship at all. They're playing the side chick while the main girl is the substance. Someone who doesn't love themselves or has unhealthy personal issues is definitely not equipped to offer someone else what they need in a relationship. Madame Noire: Bursting Your Bubble - Delusional Women

3. Dishonesty


While most of us would be packing after the truth is revealed about something major (e.g.discovering he has a wife or girlfriend(s)), what about all of the little white lies? Sometimes the small fibs can grow to be more of a problem than the big lies. Exaggerating about a pay rate, or not revealing that his best friend was once his bed buddy before you came along when combined can lead to the realization that you don't truly know the man you're falling for. You can't build a stable foundation for anything long-term if it is embedded with little cracks of dishonesty.

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