Tween Dating 101


Tween Dating 101
Discussing dating with your teens before school begin.

Roland Hinds: Was it time to have "the talk?"

Tweens Response: Most parents of the tweens had not spoken about the "birds and bees" and what the tweens should expect going back to school. There were a few girls who said there fathers had spoken briefly to them about sexual education and boys, however this is where the conversation took a different path for the young men. Many of the male tweens had not received a "sit down" talk from their parents.


It's official, parents have to engage their children by speaking about critical topics pertaining to their development into young adulthood. Don't worry about giving too much information, arming a child with ample knowledge is essential. What should you be talking about? A great start would be about inappropriate behavior in school and social media such as, sexting, oral copulation and other sensitive matters. These are topics adults hear about everyday in the news, but may not feel it could happen to their child. It will happen to someone's child, why not protect yours?

Help your child to remain focused on her academics by preparing her for the real world at home. Always strive to maintain an open dialogue with your child building trust.



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