How To Rebuild A Relationship After Swinging


A sexpert's advice for former swingers with intimacy issues.

It is not uncommon for couples to pull out of the swinging lifestyle and have to rebuild their own intimate life. That said, many couples stay with this practice for many years and report high levels of marital satisfaction, although with the small sample sizes and limited research on the topic, it is difficult to draw any firm conclusions. I was recently contacted by a couple who just launched the site because they felt like the web lacked resources for swinging couples, including themselves. Many proponents of the swinging lifestyle say that it is a healthier way to deal with the sexual boredom that many couples struggle with and that the honesty and communication required actually make marriages stronger. Care2: Sexual Liberation Without Shame

Some of the most challenging aspects of this or any sexual practice that includes multiple partners are the human tendencies toward jealousy, the associated guilt and the compromised trust that are inherent in these complex relationships. Many people go into these relationships not fully appreciating the level of communication skills and the commitment required to hold the unpredictable results of mixed pair bonding. 9 Sex Positions That Enhance Emotional Intimacy


Your wife's use of her memories to heat up her sexual experiences with you is in its own way a very responsible and mature response to something that clearly worked for her on some levels, but was too much to bear on others. Awakening to a different part of oneself is in many ways the mystery and the journey of discovering our sexuality. Having a rich store of memories and experiences that fuel a passionate life for the two of you could well give you cause to celebrate.

Written by Wendy Strgar for Care2.

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