Breadwinning Starlets: Celebrity Women Who Bring Home The Money

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Yahoo! Shine takes a look at some famous females who earn more than their partners.

Angelina Jolie, Kyra Sedgwick and Katy Perry—who would have thought this trio would have anything  in common besides fame, great hair and killer bods? Oh wait, they're all in possession of terrifically loaded bank accounts.

In addition to raking in some serious dough, these ladies are also earning more than their husbands. That's right: more than Russell Brand, Kevin Bacon or even Brad Pitt. A Girl's Guide To Being The Bigger Breadwinner

According to Yahoo! Shine, Angelina earned $30 million last year, while Brad earned just $20 million. Kyra brought home $275,000 per episode from her gig on The Closer, a far cry from Kevin's current salary, since he's staying at home with the kids. As for Katy, she banked $44 million since May 2010 from album sales and endorsement deals—six times more than Russell's $6.6 million.

Personally, we're glad to see the ladies financially dominate in Hollywood! It's about time.

Dollar, dollar bills, y’all. Read more at Yahoo! Shine: Celebrity Women Who Out-Earn Their Mates


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