I'm A Responsible Mom And Wife—And Yes, I Have Tattoos


tattooed mom
Sporting body ink and being a good mom and wife aren't mutually exclusive.

So at what point does the judgement begin? At more than one tattoo? Is it the size that matters? Or does the older generation simply associate tattoos with the lower class? 

In my experience, size matters. I've received many compliments on my smaller pieces from older people. They've been called "pretty" or "cute." But the large tree on the back of my neck and a framed dress form running down my arm do not receive too much positive feedback from baby boomers and the like. It seems they cross the line into the realm of "too much tattoo." Sexy Ink: The Best Love-Inspired Celebrity Tattoos


When I really stop to think about how people might judge me based on my body art, I have to admit that I get upset. When I was just a tattooed woman, it didn't bother me nearly as much. But to think that people might see me as an unfit mother because of what I have decided to put on my body really gets to me. Luckily after a few moments, I'm over it.

I love my tattoos. I'm an excellent mother, I adore my daughter and just as I expected, it's an immensely satisfying role. My husband and I, while covered in ink, are responsible citizens, kind individuals and loving new parents. So judge away, ye olde folk, behind all this ink, there lies some pretty thick skin.