Mila Kunis Is Turned On By Funny, Sarcastic Men

Mila Kunis

Though they're not dating, Mila Kunis admits she likes funny guys like Justin Timberlake.

Looks like Mila Kunis and I have something in common! When the Friends With Benefits star recently sat down with British Glamour, she revealed that her biggest turn-on is not a guy who can speak fluent Russian like she can, nor even someone who is as hot as her co-star, Justin Timberlake. She just has a thing for guys who can make her laugh. Role Playing: Sexy Tips From Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis

"Humor is an amazing quality to have," she tell the mag, according to People. "I like sarcasm, satire, self-deprecating humor. But I also think there's something to be said for not looking for anything and being pleasantly surprised."

With that little tip, the 27-year-old has given her single male fans a lot to work with. As this summer's winner of Spike TV's "Holy Grail of Hot" title, Kunis surely has a ton of admirers who would love the chance to make her giggle—something she thinks is funny in and of itself! First Justin & Mila Are Asked To A Ball, Now Betty White Too!

"I couldn't be happier to get any of this because I think it's hysterical and it makes all my friends laugh," she says. "If somebody finds me attractive, God bless them, I think it's fantastic."

Now you're making me laugh, Mila! Who on earth would not find you attractive?!

Is a great sense of humor one of your biggest turn-ons too? If not, what is?

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