Poll: It's National Underwear Day! What's Your Panty Style?


victoria's secret underwear day
Also, win 30 free days of designer underwear by following YourTango on Twitter!

A few underwear-related points this afternoon:

  • Did you know it is National Underwear Day?
  • I must have had a sixth sense about it, because I just went to Victoria's Secret and did the "5 for $25." LOVE it.
  • Over at The Frisky, they're doing a "throw out your old underwear" contest with Freshpair. We highly endorse!
  • This is the best day EVER to enter our 30 Days of Underwear Contest and win 30 free pairs of designer underwear. All you have to do is follow @YourTango on Twitter.
  • Well, what are you waiting for? Don't you want free underwear?
  • Also, take our poll! What's your panty style?

It's National Underwear Day! What's Your Panty Style?:

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