Men Who Buy Sex Are More Likely To Be Criminals


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"Johns" are also eight times more likely to say they would rape a woman if they could.

The study and accompanying Newsweek article have since garnered widespread criticism. In a recent editorial, Psychology Today writer Marty Klein accuses lead researcher Melissa Farley of perpetuating an ideological agenda. Her article is less about men who buy sex than it is about men who engage in "sexual entertainment," he says. He argues that linking a disinterest in "sexual entertainment" (he includes strips clubs in this category, even though many strippers are trafficked prostitutes as well) to a lack of sexual promiscuity is "the equivalent of finding that people who go to church are more likely to believe in God than people who don't go to church."

Klein also points out that the article's failure to quote a single sexologist or sociologist in America lends it an air of propaganda. Plenty of men go to strip clubs, but does that mean they hate women? What if you just had a lot of bachelor parties to attend? Warning about these men's latent criminal tendencies only contributes to the nationwide "sex panic," and "a general war on non-vanilla sex," says Klein. "Anything that lumps together prostitution, pornography and sex trafficking is ideological propaganda."


What does it mean to "buy sex?" Should watching porn and going to strip clubs be considered buying sex? 

Also, would you ever date a guy who's slept with a prostitute? Take our poll.

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