#Undateable Is Twitter-Trending: What Makes Someone Undateable?

john mayer
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#Undateable and #getsonmynerves are trending. What are your dating pet peeves?

The Twitter-verse is sounding off about bad relationships this morning. Here are some of our favorite #undateable and #getsonmynerves tweets:

@GrandadJFreeman: Any man that disrespects his mother is #Undateable if he disrespects his mom, he will disrespect you!

@MyyyMichelle: If you wear Jorts you are #undateable

@MORGANFABER: #undateable if you talk about your ex, & how you still have feelings for her even though she moved on..then why are you dating someone else?

@TRawChrisBreezy: Your definitely #undateable if you have no ambition in life!

@jenibens: #undateable if u think girls shouldn't play sports

@NickyDsss jeans with no back pockets #undateable

@YoungAndPaid You call me. I miss your call. I call right back. You dont answer #getsonmynerves

@SoGorgeousNRich #getsonmynerves when a man wears a white tee on a date #really

@CourtneywithaK #getsonmynerves when dudes get pissed off when females play the same game they play, but I think they just mad because we play it bettter;)

What makes someone undateable in your book? What gets on your nerves? Follow us and tweet @YourTango or sound off in the comments!

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