Hey, How Are Your Orgasms? The Sex Experts Want To Know!


New survey from Good in Bed wants all the scoop on your sex life.

Sex expert Ian Kerner, Ph.D. and Good in Bed have compiled a survey to understand your orgasms better and "improve the quality of human intimacy." Why aren't you having them? Do you want to have more of them? (Of course we do!) What does it take for you to get off?

Once you get past the embarrassing questions like, "At what age did you first masturbate?" and "Do you make noise when you orgasm?" Good in Bed tries to get through the psychological barriers to your pleasure. Is it your man or your mind keeping you from reaching the peak? 

This survey definitely shouldn't be done at your desk during work (unless you work at YourTango!) even though it is anonymous. After you take the survey, you will immediately get a coupon code for a free eBook from the growing catalog of Good in Bed Guides (offer lasts until Aug. 10). Some of the titles available include A Scientific Guide to Successful Dating, Female Orgasms, Sex and the Baby Years and Orally Pleasuring a Man

Personally, we can't wait to see the results. Are you getting the Big O?

Take the survey at Good in Bed here: Orgasm Survey


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