Rock, Sex and Jelly Bellies in Prague

By YourTango

Rock, Sex and Jelly Bellies in Prague
I secretly hoped for more, but my Prague experience left me only a jelly belly taste in mouth.

It was September 2008 and I was going to spend some 9-10 days at the World Congress of Psychiatry in Prague. It gave me a panic attack because I had serious concerns that this lonesome and weird experience might be hazardous for my mental health. In a dire need of taking urgent precautions, I made a quick Skype search for male English speakers, residing in Prague and started stalking them. I was just looking for company – sane new people to spend my leisure time with while in Prague. I believed that my chances with men were better because averagely they tend to be more responsive to desperately bored women than the female. No other agenda... Two of the ”targeted” objects accepted my friend invitations and we got involved in ice-breaking chats. One of them was a British man, financial analyst/ banker/ whatever, working at Lloyds, who was a regular commuter to the Czech Republic for dental purposes. Being too prudent and rational for me, he was unanimously rated as a rescue plan - if things did not work out with the other guy. Choice A was a free spirit, creative American musician, who lived in Europe at that time and among his best achievements was co-writing a song with Fatboy Slim.
I am convinced that there is much more to come ahead of him. Who knows, some day I might be bragging around that I have known him…
We met on my first day in Prague and had sex on the first night…
But it was not that superficial as it sounds – at least not in my head. By the end of our first live meeting, we had shared a lot. I knew about his former alcohol addiction, his regular visits to the AA, about his brother with schizophrenia, his parents’ separation, etc. I really did not mean to go that far and so fast on this day, but it was just natural and … inevitable. We spent the evening in his apartment, we talked and I had wine, and, having been on a sex diet for months, I unexpectedly got turned on when he started massaging my feet and toes. Normally, I would not let a person do that to me, since I consider it too intimate and too personal, but I had the feeling that he knew me perfectly well, beyond my feet and body… We were like twin nomadic souls sharing a common curse...
Sex was great. This man was my inspiration over the upcoming week. The evenings with him and his friends were the spicy secret, which made me smile furtively during the dreary days at the Convention. On several occasions I crashed out on his couch while they were recording songs and, despite the little sleep, it was a refreshing start of the next day...


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