Community: 9 Ways To Scare A Guy


Community: 9 Ways To Scare A Guy
What you are doing could be chasing men away.

8) Having to talk about Ex's.
There is no reason to be overbearing when it comes to discussing your ex. No guy wants to spend too much time talking about other men. When discussing exes, a comparison is being made but one of the people being compared is expected to give their input. They are expected to express an opinion about a complete stranger with the only source being someone who is really biased, usually negatively towards the very same stranger. Discuss your ex as much as you want with your BFF, after all, that's what she is there for. Compare us as much as you want just don't involve your man.

9) A woman with no female friends.
It scares a man when there is an unrealistic burden placed on him. If a man has to be everything to a woman—her boyfriend, her girlfriend, her husband, her best friend, her activity partner, her confidant and her entertainment. Any man who is required to be all these things is destined to fail because no one person is that interesting or capable of being everything someone else needs. The reason we have many different friends in life is because everyone has something different and uniquely interesting to offer mankind. It is also the case that every man wants to be considered as an independent entity and not some appendage growing out of his significant other. It is sad when a man stops being referred to as "he" and mutates into the collective reference "they."



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