Comic-Con Is Full Of Kinky Sex, Just Check Craigslist


comic con hookups 2011
Leave it to us sci-fi enthusiasts to dork up the casual encounters listings.

Also astounding is the fact that this guy is only willing to get laid if she makes it to him before he gets comfy.

Actually, this guy's pretty awesome. He treats having sex like most people do Jehovah's witnesses. "Someone's at the door... eeehhhh, I already took my pants off. Whatever." Badass.


PLEASE do yourself a favor and check out the rest of the cosplay and regular relatively indecent proposals at I wish they had a missed connections top 10 from the convention. Missed Connections Go Mainstream

It's a numbers game, true believers. Eventually some comely lady Stormtrooper will be powerless to stop your plans for something something lightsaber into her something something Wookie.

For me, I suppose I'll have to wait until I write the great American graphic novel and host a panel before I make a play for my very own Power Girl, Red Sonya or Twilek slave dancer.

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