Is Cowboys & Aliens A Date Movie?


cowboys and aliens
Is an"Our plane is crashing, let's bang" romance appealing? If not, you may want to dodge this one.

There are four criteria that make a date movie, although it's possible for an overabundance of one to make up for lack of another.
1) Is it romantic? Daniel Craig's character is motivated to find out what happened to a woman he mainly knows through a remarkably good photograph and a hazy memory (remember that amnesia thing?) But along the way, he takes an interest in Olivia Wilde's Ella in more of a "our plane is about to crash, so let's bang" sort of way than anything to sigh over. This is not a romantic film.
2) Is it endearing? Do you really care about any of the characters? Hmm. Sorta. Sons and fathers reunite. Outlaws, decent townfolk and Native Americans put aside their differences to kick some green-faced ass. But the characters are largely tropes of the Western genre and, with the exception of Daniel Craig and a little orphan boy, most are expendable.
3) Is it funny? There are a few moments where Walton Goggins, Sam Rockwell and Harrison Ford break dramatic tension with a one-liner. A few instances of come-uppance (sometimes via strikes to the groin) provide guffaws, even if internal. A few of the genre-bending moments are amusing in a meta sense, but the levity is light and infrequent.
4) Is it entertaining? Absolutely. I didn't look at my watch once during the movie. The pacing was excellent and the subplots were not at all distracting. For the most part, none of the leads were phoning it in. While there was never any doubt about the outcome, there were a couple of twists and turns thrown in to keep us from looking at our phones. The stunts were great and not too CGI-y. So what if some of the plot was borrowed from Battlefield Earth? At least there was not a single Jar-Jar Binks sighting. This movie will absolutely crush it overseas.

So is Cowboys & Aliens a date movie? Well, the movie will not inspire a guy to say, "I love you" for the first time. Nor will it horn a couple up to the point that they have to do it in the car lest their groins explode. And there's probably not a single line extra-quotable line of dialogue. But the movie can take your mind off things, and if you happen to make out in the back row for a few minutes, you won't be totally lost when the sesh ends. All things considered, I would only consider this a date movie if you're a sci-fi loving couple, or just one that likes seeing all the latest flicks. Not a great idea for a first, second or even eighth date.

Is your guy dragging you to see Cowboys & Aliens? Are you excited about it?

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