It's Over For Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth


The 'True Blood' star and the 'Blue Crush' actress have broken up after two years of dating.

In news that will make True Blood's female fans really, really happy, everyone's favorite Viking vampire, Alexander Skarsgard, has reportedly broken up with his girlfriend of two years, Kate Bosworth.

"He's single," confirmed a source to US Magazine, "and he is loving the attention!"

Although there's no official word on what finally caused the blonde duo to split, the couple's relationship status has been the subject of speculation for practically as long as they've been together, which leads us to think that their romance was anything but stable. Is Kate Bosworth Ruining Alexander Skarsgard?

According to, 28-year-old Kate supposedly cheated on her 34-year-old actor beau with a former boyfriend during a trip back home to Massachusetts last year, which might explain why, earlier this year, other gossip sites claimed that the couple had hit a "rough patch" and that Alex was already "one foot out the door."

And even though a pal told US Magazine that the breakup was "mutual" and "happened a while ago," in what seems like an attempt to down-play the drama, you know when people who are as pretty as Alex and Kate go their separate ways, there is always drama! Did Evan Rachel Wood Date Alexander Skarsgard?

CelebLovers, who do you think the handsome Mr. Skarsgard should date next?

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