Women Prefer Showering And Web-Surfing Over Sex


Woman showering
What would you rather give up for a month: sex or showering?

Looks like we ladies are the cleaner gender — and that men have justly earned their stereotype as horndogs.

A recent study by the Women at NBCU discovered that women would rather go for a month without sex than without a shower. The researchers gave a group of men and women between the ages of 18 and 54 a list of various activities, asking them to choose the three things they absolutely could not live without for a month. Men and women agreed about sleeping and surfing the web, deciding they couldn't possibly go without their z's or their Facebook for 30 days. But when it came to the third activity, the genders disagreed.


Men, unsurprisingly, checked the "sex" box. Women, on the other hand, decided sex could wait and chose "showering" instead. I suppose we're the more practical gender, since all that sex would just get gross if you didn't shower.

The showering factoid wasn't the only surprise finding from the study. As it turns out, women are also more tech-savvy than dudes, owning more smartphones and more Nintendo Wii systems. Maybe it's that guys just need the basics, while women need to have it all, all the time? Seems like guys are cool with just sleep, sex and minimal extras, while we need to be wired into the world at all times. Is Multitasking Destroying Relationships?

I know that's how I feel. As much as I want to turn things off at the end of the day and power down, I usually don't. I simply can't! There's too much going on out there... Sigh.

What would you rather give up for a month: sex or showering?

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