Women Say Late 20s Are Ideal Age For Starting A Family


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Plus, more results from AskMen's Great Female Survey on office love, online dating and more.

14. We're the better cooks. Forty-two percent of women said that they would win in a cook-off with their boyfriends or husbands, compared to the 25 percent who said he would win.

15. We fantasize about being dominated in bed. More than a third of women dream about this. Meanwhile, just three percent of women fantasize about anal sex.


16. Prenup? Meh. Just 6 percent of women said that signing a prenup is "very important," while 41 percent said that it is not a big priority.

17. Emotional intimacy, not sex, motivates romance. Eighty-six percent said that feeling close to their partner drove them to be romantic, compared to just 7 percent who acted romantic in hope of getting laid.

18. Internet dating? Bah. More than forty percent of women said that they don't need the Internet to find a man. Only 13 percent of those who answered this survey had a relationship with someone they met online.

19. We're not stalkers. When asked if they would track their boyfriend or husband's physical movements using an implanted GPS chip, 82 percent of women said no.

20. A lack of "husband potential" isn't necessarily a relationship dealbreaker. Around half of women said that "husband potential" is somewhat important, but they won't break up with a guy if he doesn't have it.

Are you typical compared to these respondents? Does any of this surprise you?