6 Lessons From Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony's Divorce


6 Lessons From Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony's Divorce
Looking at the six love lessons to take away from Marc Anthony and JLo's marriage and divorce.

5. Being husband and wife comes first. The news reports say that Lopez and Anthony will continue on with their upcoming reality show. Business continues, but relationship goes away. To me, this priority is backwards. Ditch the reality show, and work on your marriage. In 15 years, no one will remember the show, but your kids will remember the time when mom and dad split up. Marriage has to be a priority over business. Sure, I love to bounce business ideas off my wife, but she is more than a brainstorming partner, she is my wife. I have to care for her before my business could ever be a success.

6. Keep outside influences out of your marriage. Normal couples don't have to worry about reality TV or paparazzi, but in our own marriages, there are outside factors that could influence our relationships. We have to make sure that other family members or friends actually encourage us in our marriages, and not pull us apart. Too much scrutiny from outside sources puts lots of undue stress on a marriage.


Do you think JLo and Marc Anthony should split or keep working on their marriage?


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