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What I learned About Emotions...


Just three...(OR MORE confessional sentences on emotions & how it strengthens love & connection)

I found out that it is okay for women to express emotions. Mom was not right when she taught us that showing emotion, happy, in love, or sad, was a sign of weakness. Letting the man you love see you as a woman in all your pleasant vulnerability, feelings, expressions is the best gift you can give him. I overthought my feelings and emotions so much in the past that it altered my personality. I became a watered-down version of myself. I started acting as if I were "hard," "tough," as though nothing could get to me, but it isn't impressive; it's suggestive. It suggests that you don't have the desire to let anyone in. I learned from my current boyfriend that feminine vulnerability is not a weakness unless it is used in the wrong ways, but it is beauty, and that man you love has the chance to actually see who you are as a person, and can appreciate you not only for what you do but for who you are and that expressive energy you bring to the relationship. What can I say? You learn things earlier on or you learn em late. Just as long as you learn them so you can love someone else. That's all I had to say.


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