Why is my boyfriend so hot and cold all the time?


Why is my boyfriend so hot and cold all the time?

He's hurt me bad but I miss him so much and want things back to how they were. I want to try having a friendship or relationship with him in person but I don't want to come across as needy.

So I'm not contacting him and I'm waiting for him to first but what if he doesn't? What if it's too much for him and he is just too conflicted over what he feels? And why even did he like me so much (saying he had feelings of love for me) and then go cold when we met then send sex texts again and call me and now is ignoring me?


I miss him so much, e ven as my friend.

Most people think he's no good for me because he has caused me pain but I still care.

I'm also going out with another boy next week (he is a good friend who likes me a lot). He lives in another city so he's coming to visit. This other man doesn't know he's coming even though he knows of him and I don't know whether to tell him or how to tell him. I feel like I am going to mess up both these boys and myself.

I'd love an objective person's opinion if you have time.

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