The Dirt On Celeb Hush-Money Payoffs: Tiger Woods, Oprah And More

tiger woods
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Stars from David Letterman to Kanye West have bribed people to protect their reputations.

What do Tiger Woods, Brett Favre, David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey all have in common? They all paid off people to keep their business private. But all the underage affairs, love children and who-knows-what-other-shenanigans are laid bare in a recent photo gallery by The Daily Beast. Just a word of advice: Should a celebrity offer you $10 million in hush money, don't blow it and end up having to return your money by doing "tell-all" interviews—ahem, Rachel Uchitel! Maybe her stint on Celebrity Rehab will help her pay Tiger back...

Hop over to The Daily Beast to see the dirty details: Celeb Hush Money Payoffs

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